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Show Time Schedule

The following are DJ's/Artist/Bands we support and they support our station. Listed below is the schedule(s) for there show.
It might be a one time show or a weekly event.
After the date/time of the event it will say Top 40, Country, or Both. This is telling which radio station it's on.
Any suggestions for shows can be sent to: Email: DJ Bear

Weekly Events:

Wold Music Stage Radio

Playing Tue 4 PM EST (Top 40)
The World Music Stage Radio Show, hosted by Hall of Fame radio personality Dave Pratt, is where indie music comes alive!
We’re breaking the sound barrier for every artist who dreamt they could and every fan who knew them when.
Be part of the change being broadcast around the world on World Music Stage Radio.

Jeremy Bradley - Top Of The Charts Show

Playing Monday at 10 AM - 12 PM and Sunday at 3 PM - 5 PM EST (Top 40)
Jeremy Bradley show is coming out of Canada.
You may go to his website www.jbonair.com and request songs for his show.
Today's hottest hits and some funny bits mixed in along the way. Jeremy Bradley's zany personality and quick with make two hours fly
by on Top of The Charts. Listeners won't even notice they got absolutely nothing accomplished when rockin' out to the great tunes
during the show. "JB's Entertainment Run Down" features stories from around the entertainment world about the bizarre antics
of the stars. Sit back and relax or dance around the room because it's two hours of non-stop fun with Top of The Charts.

Deuce Radio Show

Playing Tue 6 PM EST & Sat 7 PM EST(Top 40)
The Deuce Radio Show is presented by Joe Ferrett and features a selection of bands and artists promoted by Deuce.
With a growing reputation of being at the forefront of the best new music on the scene and with its idyllically placed office in London,
we aim to ensure bands and artists are offered ways and means to get their music heard to a wider audience..

If you would like to be considered for exposure on the Deuce Show, please email a link to your music to rob@deucemusic.com

Independent Music Network’s Radio Specials
Tope 40 (Mainstream) & Country Show

Playing Tues 3 PM (Top40) & (Country)
Independent Music Network’s Radio Specials by Buck McCoy the country artist.
Each month, Buck McCoy brings you independent artist to his shows.
You will here the best up-and-coming country music artists, round out the weekly show.
If you go to the Top 40 (Rock Station) you will hear Top 40 version of his show.
This is great you get both worlds of Music in two different shows. For more information, visit www.independentmusicnetwork.com

Tom Lambert - The Independent Music Show

Playing Tue 12 PM EST & Fri 9PM EST (Top40)
Tom Lambert "The Independent Music Show" is a Syndicated Show out of Ireland.
You will hear upcoming Indie Artist.

Cleve Baker - Confessing the Blues

Playing Saturday's 8 PM - 11 PM EST (Top 40)
Cleve Baker show is coming out of Weldon, NC.
Confessing the Blues is a weekly 3 hour blues gig broadcast on Great Radio Stations around the world.
Roadhouse Tested... Roadhouse Approved ...We reach down in the Trick Bag and conjure up the Blues Music Mojo.
You're guaranteed the absolute best in Contemporary Blues music on Confessing the Blues....Come Join Us Boogie Chil'n ...

The Westfield Alliance Indie Show

Playing Wed 3 PM & 9 PM (Top40)
Hosted by Ken Bailey out of Flordia USA.
We regularly feature up and coming artists, from numerious countries.
We feature unsigned and small label artists in the ROCK/POP/BLUES styles.
Contact the show, send an email to director@westfieldrecording.com.

True Fidelity

Sat at 5PM EST (Top 40)
True Fidelity is a weekly show originating from Tacoma,Wa. and the NWCZradio studios. Hosted by Big D, Voxxy,
Patrick Galactic, C Frye along with engineer On1 and sound guy Squeeze, True Fidelity features the best Independent music,
artists, labels, blogs and news from around the world. Liberating you from the musical mainstream for two hours every week! .

DJ Bear Independent Artist Showcase
Every Sunday 5PM - 7PM Eastern USA Time (Top 40)
DJ Bear will be showcasing Independent Artist & Theme Shows. He will be talking about new groups and playing their music.
You never know who's going to stop in and chat with him. He will look at all types of music during his show.